Lindsay Lohan Is Spreading Rumors About Their Relationship; Claims Franco

Lindsay Lohan is spreading rumors about their relationship; claims Franco

Lindsay Lohan recently left a list of 36 names on a paper mentioning all the people she had slept with at a hotel room.

Apparently a lot of the latest news is allotted to Lindsay Lohan and James Franco’s hooking up together. The Palo Alto star, James Franco denies all such rumors and wants the world to know that he did not, as a matter of fact sleep with Lindsay Lohan. James Franco while being interviewed by Los Angeles Magazine revealed that the two were involved briefly in a romantic relationship. Beyond that, Franco claims nothing happened and is currently happening. This makes it increasing surprising and questionable that why Lindsay Lohan would spread this news if it wasn’t true?

In the past, Lindsay Lohan has had troubles somewhat forcing herself to transform from the Disney child-star to a mature actress, often resorting to addictions of various kinds. However despite all the challenges she has faced, she does not blame her upbringing for it. Lindsay Lohan recently released a list of people she had slept which included 36 names in total and had James Franco’s name in it. The list also included other stars such as Justin Timberlake, Zac Efron and even Adam Levine.

James Franco recently published a book known as Moving Pictures / Moving Sculptures: The Films of James Franco which referred to poetry where certain actors and actresses were the subjecting; including Lindsay Lohan. Franco claims that nothing bad was written about her in his poetry. However he did express shock at having been one of the names in Lindsay Lohan’s ‘people-she-had-slept with’ list. Franco further revealed that he had turned down an opportunity to sleep with Lindsay Lohan; not that he believes in bragging about this incident. She was having issues and Franco did not want to engage in anything he would regret later on that would possibly ruin his friendship with Lindsay Lohan. Franco said that he had met many people who were in situations similar to Lindsay Lohan and he seriously thought that hooking up with someone during such a phase is not a good idea.

Source: US Magazine

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