Logic Dots

Puzzle games have been on the smartphones for a long time. We all love playing puzzle games during all our free time. Many puzzle lovers also have a great liking for the world famous board game Sudoku. They, at many times, had the urge to combine Sudoku in some sort of puzzle game. But this wish never became possible until recently. The great new game that’s becoming quite famous nowadays is “Logic Dots”.
The game is all about placing dots on a circular grid. The grid consists of many little squares on which you have to place your dots in the specific pattern. The game looks quite easy when you are learning it, but once the learning is done, the game becomes pretty hard and tricky. It will take you hours to figure out an appropriate strategy on many levels so just take some time out because you will be addicted to this game for a long time.



  • The game was developed byAyopa Games LLC, they have done a great work in developing such an awesome game that gets the users fully indulged into itself. The updates for the game are coming quite regularly which helps in keeping the game interesting as always. 
  • The current version on the game is 1.1.2
  • It requires minimum iOS 6 to run and will run probably run all the devices that have iOS 6 on them.
  • Its download size is approximately 15.1 MB.
  • The game is free to download and play.


In Use


  1. The game is extremely light. It just launches in a blink and you are in the game menu. You will notice that the game has very simple interface with nothing extra to it. You will be in the game with just a few taps. 
  2. The game has a really interactive tutorial that teaches you how to play the game. In the beginning, you are given a grid of 4×4 which you have to solve. You will be given specific numbers on two sides of the grid. In each row or column, the number of dots should always be equal to the number that’s adjacent to it. 
  3. Clearing levels one by one, you will get bigger and bigger grids. The grid size will go to 12×12 from 4×4. Every given level has multiple solutions to it and mostly people will get confused which solution to choose. So just try out all the solutions that you could come up with. 
  4. Anyhow, if you are stuck, you have the option of getting hints which will help you in clearing the level.




  • The game has a lot of levels it will pass a lot of your time.
  • The quick-save option is lovely.
  • The game is simple and indulges the user.


  • Some levels are hard and the hints could cost you real world money.


Logic Dots is an amazing game. It has all the simplicity to itself yet it proves to be quite challenging at many stages. So just know that this game will let you spend days on it without hesitation.

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