Lorde stuns on Billboard Cover



Lorde appears on the cover of Billboard.

This mid-October Friday, San Diego’s State University looks like a certain type of college goers dream as guys in flip-flops and their beautiful female counterparts enjoy the sun and discuss plans about the weekend.

The amphitheater packed with buses and gives the view of another planet. Lorde, who will turn 18 on November 7, sits in a booth assembling a playlist on her MacBook. She looked gorgeous wearing a black T-shirt and stiff Levis. 

For the past few months she has been playing shows from London to Las Vegas and is now finally home. She has spent a lot of her time in developing the soundtrack for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.

This is Lorde’s first project since 2013, when she made her debut with ‘Pure Heroine’, which has sold 1.5 million copies in the United States. Lionsgate, the Hollywood studio in charge of the Hunger Games franchise which has grossed around $1.6 billion worldwide, handed creative control to Lorde. 

Taylor Swift stated that Lorde brings intelligence and a wit that we haven’t seen in mainstream pop music in a very long time. She also expressed that she is very happy to have Lorde in her life. It is not just Taylor Swift who is all praises for Lorde but her own idol Kanye West just remixed Lorde’s song ‘Yellow Flicker Beat.’ 


Uma foto publicada por Lorde (@lordemusic) em

Overseeing Mockingjay hasn’t allowed Lorde to increase her networking muscle. She looks forward to build long term success and her heroes are weirdoes who made it big.  These include Bowie and Grace Jones.

Lorde just collaborated with MAC on an inky-plum lipstick called Pure Heroine, taken from her debut song. Ron Perry, president of Lorde’s publishing company stated that she is a combination of a rebel and a CEO.

Lorde’s role in the new soundtrack of The Hunger Games came when Eric Feig, president of Lionsgate asked her to record a track for the end credits and Perry suggested that she should oversee the album. Eventually Lionsgate agreed to a full album with a budget of about $200,000. Lorde stated that this is the right decision for her as an artist and she feels this will be cool for her career. 

When she is not on the road, Lorde lives with her family in Devonport, New Zealand and is the second of four siblings. Her real name is Ella Yelich-O’Connor. Her father is a civil engineer and her mother is an award winning poet. Her mother remarked that style is something you just have and Ella had it from the beginning.

As a kid Lorde was into theater nut by middle school had formed a duo to sing covers. Lorde came to the limelight when her partner’s father sent a video of hers to Scott Maclachlan. He signed Lorde to a development deal and hooked her up with Joel Little, an established New Zealand rock musician. In November 2012 she released her debut “The Love Club EP”. This led to her official launch of EP in 2013 followed by ‘Pure Heroine’, which marked the start of a new Lorde. 

Lorde will leave the country by late October. She wants to go for a vacation but before that she is headed home. She misses her family and her pets; her home life still in some ways remains the same.

Source: Billboard

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