Mad Max’s Full of Explosions and Chase Scenes

Mad Max's Full of Explosions and Chase Scenes

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  • Car chases and danger.
  • George Miller’s vision.

Warner Bros. Mad Max is shaping up to be released at the beginning of the summer season and high-octane won’t just belong to Furious 7 this year.

Warner Bros. Pictures just released an explosive HD snippet of Mad Max: Fury Road online and everyone’s talking about it.

Tom Hardy plays Max and in this fourth installment, you see an angry, determined face as he’s up against a lot of villains and bad guys. Explosions light up the screen as large vehicles becoming moving fireballs. Intensive danger is revved up by Junkie XL’s fast-paced, gear-grinding music.

This is a film all about vehicles, desperation, and survival. After all, cars are splitting other vehicles in half and explosive weapons are a moment from exploding. Kind of hard to beat a quilled car, really.

Set to globally premiere /4/15, 2016, the plot revolves around “Mad” Max Rockatansky looking to help lead Furiosa (Charlize Theron) across the desert. Those at the Cannes Film Festival will get a first glimpse the day before, however.

Where do fans sign up for that opportunity?

At a panel appearance at Comic Con last year, director George Miller described the austere, minimalist set design film as “very simple allegory, almost a western on wheels.” Actions and looks tell the story instead of a lot of dialogue, which would /3/the chase sequence aspect of the film.

And Theron’s short, dark, buzzed cut makes it clear that lawlessness in the desert is difficult to defeat.

After spending 30 years in development due to a host of issues including financial backing, Mad Max: Fury Road is making quite a splash for Xers and Millennials that grew watching the original three action films.

Miller’s Mad Max was a 1980s phenomenon with Mel Gibson in the title role. Set in a dystopian and aggressive world, natural resources in the Outback are rare, so outlaws and bandits rule the world. The gritty cinematography, soundtrack, and Australian New Wave style really pushed the movies into an international success.

And Tupac’s “California Love” video was an homage to the Beyond Thunderdome, where Tina Turner ruled supreme in the 1985 movie.

Mad Max has been in the public conscious since 1979 and unlike Christopher Nolan’s Bane, it is obvious Hardy knows exactly who Max really is. The film also stars Nicholas Hoult (X-Men), Nathan Jones (WWE), Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (Transformers), and Zoë Kravitz (Insurgent).

Check your local movie time on /4/15. Looks to be a hazardous ride.


Source: The Guardian, YouTube


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