Madonna Admits to Being Raped as a Teenager in New York

Madonna Admits to Being Raped as a Teenager in New York

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Madonna recounts how she was raped at the age 19 when a stranger invited her to make a call from his phone at his apartment along with other mishaps when she moved to the City of Dreams.

It is every young stars dream to make it to the hub of the City of Dreams. New York. Madonna was one of those young stars who moved from Rochester, Michigan to New York to realize her dreams. Like every other star in the making, she had her struggles but none of it was really known until most recently. 

Madonna revealed to Howard Stern at a SiriusXM interview that when she moved to New York, her earlier days were dark indeed. The darkest of those times was when she was raped. Yes, the Queen of Pop was raped at 19 years of age. According to what she has revealed, she returned to her apartment after a dance practice and found out that she had lost her keys.

She was trying to make a phone call from a payphone when a stranger appeared and offered her help. She told him she needed change to make the call. Not only did the stranger lent her money but also offered to let her use his phone from his apartment across the road. Madonna said she was very trusting back then so she followed him where she was raped. She didn’t want to talk any further about it. 

The reason she didn’t report it to the police is that she was told that there is a physical examination and personal questions involved in the investigation of the rape reports. She did not want to be put through any further humiliation so she never reported it. She also revealed that she was robbed multiple times, her apartment and in person. 

She later her gave her opinion of why she hadn’t reported it and she said that the issue of women being raped is still looked down upon. Other issues that were once considered tabooed have now more recognition than the simple of women’s menstruation. The gay community and African-American community have found liberty but the women are still struggling. 

Madonna was asked whether she would like to return to her hometown Rochester instead of living in the city that had given her such dark experiences. The star scoffed that she would rather stay at the city she was raped at rather than going back to the place she felt alien to.

She said that Rochester was a suburban town where people were rich and attended club events and wore nice clothes. She never felt a part of all of that and New York might have taken a lot from her but she still feels that she belongs there and she will continue to live on in the City of Dream till she lives.


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