Madonna condemns Kim K’s Naked Butt while Teachers use it to teach SAT Math

Madonna condemns Kim K’s Naked Butt while Teachers use it to teach SAT Math

Catalyst Prep & Madonna Twitter
  • Jimmy Kimmel revealed Kim’s butt photo inspired snow blower to viewers.
  • Madonna condemned Kim’s butt indirectly on Twitter in light of her censored photos in the past.

Catalyst Prep gathered inspiration and used her amazing butt to help students prepare for SATs. Kim Kardashian, despite so much protestation doesn’t want to loose her figure but still wants baby number 2

Her claim to #breaktheinternet might not have worked to what she had completely anticipated. It sure is receiving a lot of attention as winters draw nearer. Jimmy Kimmel exhibited a new snow blower idea to his viewers in his show featuring Kim’s naked life size cut out with a snow blower fixed to her butt. It made it look like snow was blowing out of her ass.

The funny thing happened when the blower got stuck and the technician tried to fix it while manhandling Kim’s butt. Jimmy joked that the dads should definitely buy it so their sons would take more interest in shoveling. He also said that while they were joking, Kim might make a ton of money from this idea.

Another creative idea came from her photos to Catalyst Prep, a company who comes up with ideas to help students prepare for SATs and ACTs. They tweeted that they saw a good opportunity to use the photos as a creative way to help the students prepare for their Math exams. The problems literally feature geometric problems based around Kim’s butt.

While Kim’s butt has received so much attention from the public, Madonna had other things to say about it along with other celebrities including her sister Kourtney. Madonna posted a nude photo of hers with a black sensor strip across her exposed breasts.

She tweeted; “It’s confusing. Nipples are considered forbidden and provocative but exposing your ass is not. #flummoxed.”

Madonna didn’t take Kim’s name directly but we all know whose butt was plastered across the internet recently. Madonna is not the only one condemning her butt photos. Kim’s older sister Kourtney was also against the racy photos claiming that she should have thought that she was a mother. North West would definitely see the photos in the future and it would impact her mind adversely.

Speaking of North West, mommy and daddy definitely want another sibling for her. Kim has already declared that she wants another baby and Kanye and she have been trying. As of recently, the strategy might have changed a little bit. North might still be getting a baby sister or brother but it /4/not be delivered by Kim.

Kim is considering her next child to be a surrogate baby. Kim had worked a lot on her body since her pregnancy and she doesn’t wanna loose her well earned body with another pregnancy. They are definitely considering having a surrogate baby. It would be interesting to see what she decides with Kanye.

Sources: E! News, Mirror, HL

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