Madonna performs Holiday and do Stand-up Comedy at The Tonight Show

Madonna performs Holiday and do Stand-up Comedy at The Tonight Show

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Madonna sings ‘Holiday’ with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots on classroom instruments and later makes her stand-up comedy debut at The Tonight Show.

Madonna has been known to do some pretty funky things but it was definitely fun when she sat down to perform her hit single ‘Holiday’ on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots.

Jimmy and Madonna sat in the center while all performers wore shades and held a class instrument each to play. Madonna’s happened to be a gold whistle hanging around her neck. She used it abundantly as they broke out into song. Madonna and Jimmy shared lyrics and the entire group joined in on the chorus. 

It was catchy and after a long time, sounded kind of better than the original even for a crazy moment. The group seemed to enjoy the performance.

Madonna stops by the Tonight Show Music Room to perform her classic song “Holiday.” Rebel Heart is available on iTunes now: by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, April 9, 2015

Madonna later engaged in an interview with Jimmy where she told him that the times had changed since the 80s. She said that it’s easier at the start when there are no expectations and you could do anything. It was a time with no social media or gadgets.

You weren’t driven around all the time being followed and pursued. In those times, you could just catch a train or hail a cab, go to clubs and hand out your cassettes. It’s much different now so when a person actually comes up to her now to give her their music at a club, she’s likely to tell them off. 

Jimmy also asked her whether she had ever wanted to be a comedian. She expressed that she had always wanted to try and she would maybe try it one day. Jimmy invited her to debut her stand up comedy talent and she went behind the curtain to be introduced as a comedian for the first time.

Watch below the video of Madonna singing ‘Holiday’ with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots on classroom instruments.


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