Man ends up with only a picture of MacBook after buying it on eBay

Man ends up with only a picture of MacBook after buying it on eBay

Paul Barrington paid $460 and got an empty box with a black and white picture of the MacBook

No matter how famous eBay was in the world of online shopping, it has lost its days of luster and those days have been gone since long. It certainly isn’t the modern way to shopping and perhaps it’s time the website considered a major overhaul. However, there is still a considerable number of people who decide to shop there but no one is immensely satisfied with their bargains. The biggest setback was given to Paul Barrington who might have been ecstatic waiting for his Macbook at home but instead he got an empty box.

While on eBay, Paul thought that he was the luckiest after he won the bid at 300 British pounds (around $460) for a MacBook. He thought that with this purchase, he was on his way to his dream of becoming a wedding DJ and the laptop was perfect for downloading that software he required. To make matters worse and somewhat even more emotional, he had sold off his precious surfboard to pay for this venture.

Well, dreams so shatter most of the times and what 38 year old Paul received instead of a MacBook was a worthless package which probably didn’t even cost a dollar. According to what UK’s North Devon Journal reports, the MacBook box was not entirely empty; it had a black and white printed image of a MacBook. Paul told the Journal, “I need a laptop so I checked the listing and the seller’s rating. He’d been a member for a few years, so there was nothing to be suspicious about.”

However, instead of drowning deep in depression at the sight of the box, he instantly saw the funny side. “Why bother sending a picture in a box? It doesn’t make any sense. I almost had to laugh.”

Following the incident, an eBay spokesman said: “We were very sorry to hear about Mr Barrington’s unusual experience. eBay’s Money Back Guarantee will ensure he gets a refund as soon as possible. With more than 150 million active global buyers having access to over 800 million listings at any given time, the overwhelming majority of listings on eBay come from honest and law-abiding sellers. Bottom line, when you shop on eBay, we have your back.”

This is not the first time an online transaction has taken such a turn. Where the concept of online shopping is increasing with mushroom growth, it seems likely that such incidents would always pop up. Another woman ended up getting an iPad made out of wood and another British received a sack full of potatoes instead of an Apple gadget.

source: cnet


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