Man Lost at Sea survived for 66 Days on Rainwater and Raw Fish

Man Lost at Sea survived for 66 Days on Rainwater and Raw Fish

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A man who was lost at sea survived miraculously for a grand total of 66 days. He ate raw fish and drank rainwater for his survival. He countered several dangerous events along the perilous journey before being rescued.

Louis Jordan has a story to tell. He had been missing on the deep blue ocean since the past 66 days and his extended family had given up all hope of him being alive. Just a young adult, Louis was reported missing by his dad. 

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He had took off on his own on a sturdy boat for fishing purposes. He took a beeline for the Gulf Stream only to have his boat capsize leaving him clinging to the hull. 

As he held on for dear life, he was very frightened for he was a novice and didn’t even know how to traverse the waters. His earlier plans to haul in some big fish had to be changed willy-nilly. 

Everything went topsy turvy and nothing was left in an orderly fashion in his boat. Then he had also hit the side wall of the boat and dislocated his shoulder. There was more to come. 

Nasty climatic conditions and winds that howled forced Louis to sincerely pray to his Creator for sustenance and hope. Time seemed to expand and to this day Louis says that it seemed more like 660 days instead of 66. 

How he managed to survive is a story worth listening to. 

Louis sparsely used his food rations or what was left of them. According to NBC News, for liquid nourishment and hydration he drank rainwater which he collected very cleverly. And then there were the raw fish he caught with a stray net. 

Soon his family was worried sick as to his whereabouts. They wanted to know where he was so they could rescue him and bring him back home alive and well. The search missions continued but it was a difficult proposition. 

The sea is like a desert albeit it consists of waves and water instead of sand dunes and sand. By the time rescue forces managed to reach Louis, he was severely dehydrated. 

It was a good thing he was saved from final extinction in the nick of time. And while according to Louis he had prayed incessantly while on the hazardous trip, his family too had been praying day and night for his safety and wellbeing. 

It seems there is a “Creator” after all inspite of what hardline atheists such as Richard Dawkins /4/say from the comfortable position of their armchairs. For someone to manage to withstand the conditions of hot sun, dry weather, little food and the elements in all their coarse roughness is nothing short of a miracle. 


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