Man Sells Banksy Art For $175

Man Sells Banksy Art for $175

A man in Gaza mistakenly sold a door painted by Banksy for $175, and wants to reclaim the masterpiece.

A man in Gaza, Rabea Darduna, was left with nothing when his home was destroyed and looted during the war last summer. The only thing he had left? A doorway and a door that had some artwork on it. The iron door had a nominal value because of the materials, and he sold it to take care of his family, which include six children, according to CNN. The man he sold it to took it for $175 and disappeared.

It wasn’t until later that the man realized that the art on the door belonged to Banksy, the world’s most famous graffiti artist, whose work can go for millions.  

“Things started becoming clear that the artist is worldwide famous, and he drew it secretly,” said Darduna in his interview. “He used us. My house is demolished. We’re destroyed emotionally. We ask him to return the door.”

Banksy is known for his random “pop up” artwork that is often political in nature. The mystery surrounding him make him even more famous, because no one knows who Banksy is. Generally, Banksy  is referred to as a he, but it has been suggested that he /4/be a woman or a group of people doing his work. 

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