Manual Camera Controls To Be Introduced In iOS 8

Manual Camera Controls To Be Introduced In iOS 8

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Apple is opening up the camera’s API to developers

The camera on the iPhone is one of the most advanced in the business, but it often doesn’t come with the kind of manual control that photographers like to have. With the upcoming update for iOS 8, Apple is set to open up the API and allow developers to start taking more advantage of what it has to offer.

As a part of the API that they are unveiling for developers, features like exposure, white balance, ISO sensitivity, and shutter speed will all be able to be changed manually, something that has been long awaited in the photography community. Aperture is still going to be left out of this, however, since it is fixed in almost all mobile devices.

This is something that has been included with other operating systems already. Windows and Android phones already have the ability to manually control these aspects of their camera. They also have the ability to access raw photos, though, something that the iPhone still won’t be able to do.

We don’t know what kind of camera improvements will be released alongside iOS 8 when the iPhone 6 is released, but this is certainly going to be a massive upgrade for photographers who love to carry their iPhone around. With the powerful camera that is included in iDevices already, this is a welcome change that will let people use them as they were designed to be used.

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