Maria Menounos Save After Her Car Window Is Smashed In

Maria Menounos Not Injured After Her Car Window Is Smashed In

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  • Menounos’ car window smashed with flying tire iron
  • Reporters reach her for her account
  • Pregnancy rumors also addressed

The former Extra co-host emerged unscathed from a scary moment.

It seems quite surprising that Maria Menounos managed to escape out of such a scary moment such as this, however her car was unlucky. On Thursday morning, a tire iron came flying through her car’s window while she was riding in it. This happened when the former Extra co-host was leaving New York’s JFK Airport, as stated by many reports. A video of the entire scene was posted by her on her Instagram page.

With the video she wrote, “Crazy morning. @giannetos ended up with glass shattered all over him. Someone threw a tire wrench through our window! Everyone is ok – [thank you] for well wishes. Time to go to work!” While many reporters approached her for her account of the incident, she spoke to TMZ. Com as well as E! News about this frightening moment.

While talking to E! News, she said “It really felt like something out of a movie. I heard an explosion and I started screaming, ‘Everyone down, we’re being shot at. Everyone down!’ ” 36 year old Maria Menounos was approached by People later in the day when she seemed to be doing fine at an Ocean Spray event at Rockefeller Center. She was more relieved to talk about something else and she started off with holiday gift giving as she said “I try to give gifts that give back as much as possible.”

She was also inquired about the pregnancy rumors about which she said “I think it’s funny. It’s new to me. It’s never happened. But you know, people are always curious, and I’m definitely getting to that age where everyone’s wondering.”

source: people


Crazy morning….@giannetos ended up with glass shattered all over him.someone threw a tire wrench through our window!everyone is ok-thnk for well wishes:) time to go to work!

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