Mariska Hargitay takes an Initiative against Domestic Violence

Mariska Hargitay takes an Initiative against Domestic Violence

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  • Mariska Hargitay’s PSA feature Eli Manning, Mark Herzlich, Antonio Gates, James Trash and more NFL stars.
  • The tagline for the PSA was “No More”

Mariska Hargitay makes a video in support of The Joyful Heart Foundation. The PSA includes former NFL stars and other athletes who are speaking against domestic violence.

Famous for her role as Olivia Benson in the TV show ‘Law & Order: SVU’, Mariska has been involved in charity work as well. She started the Joyful Heart Foundation for the victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. She was inspired to help these people since she was 15 following a spiritual experience. She has worked very hard for the foundation. She took another step for her foundation’s welfare.

Mariska has gathered the most amazing selection of athletes whom the guys would absolutely be sure to listen to speaking against domestic violence. The tag line for the PSA directed by Mariska herself features the athletes saying ‘No More’. Accompanied by all the excuses that women make while they put up with the abuse and injustice that is inflicted on them.

The phrases include, ‘what’s the big deal, ‘it’s just the way it is, ‘he just has a temper,’ ‘but he’s such a nice guy’ ‘but he has such a bright future,’ ‘not my problem,’ I’ll say something next time.’

Along with other powerful phrases about the topic, Mariska shared her views that if the boys of the upcoming generation see their idols supporting a cause this delicate then we can definitely rely on them growing up with completely different ideas about how to treat women. She said that they will grow up respecting, loving and protecting their women which is the sole purpose of making this video.

The athletes talking in the PSA are Eli Manning, Mark Herzlich, Antonio Gates, James Trash, Aeneas Williams, Alfred Morris, Ben Watson, Charles Way, Cris Carter, Curtis Martin, D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Dwayne Allen, Dwight Hollier, Jason Witten, John Dorenbos, John Lynch, LaVar Arrington, Merton Hanks, Prince Amukamara, Trent Green, Troy Vincent and William Gay.

Mariska was trying to get her former co-star Chris Meloni to return to the show once more. She stated in September that she was working on getting Meloni to return to the show but Chris refused and told the media that he was not coming back. I guess that is when Mariska moved ahead and started working on the PSA which is being featured on YouTube as well as in between the games. The interesting thing is to see all our favorite athletes supporting such an amazing cause. 

Source: E! News

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