Mark Ruffalo reveals Universal owns Rights to Solo HULK Films

Mark Ruffalo reveals Universal owns Rights to Solo HULK Films

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  • Mark Ruffalo divulges the Fact that Universal owns HULK films

Mark Ruffalo divulged that fact that Universal Studios owned the rights to the solo HULK films. This was somewhat of a surprise for his fans.

Over three times, the correct muscular man to play the Hulk was tried and found wanting. But now finally Mark Ruffalo has been chosen after he was cast for a role in The Avengers. 

Mark Ruffalo is very popular in The Avengers series. But as far as the Hulk series is concerned, there he has a standalone role. 

Thus while Ruffalo /4/appear in Avengers 3 and 4 and so on and so forth, he will be doing a combo maneuver via appearing in The Hulk too. A humongous green brute of a man, that is what The Hulk is essentially. 

Ruffalo was interviewed by Collider and he halfheartedly responded by saying that he did not know if he fit in the scheme of things. These things took time and had a lot of politics going on behind the scenes so he was unsure in the final analysis. 

But, if Hulk or Bruce Banner do not enter the superhero equation than what is to become of the enterprise? 

Ruffalo said that it was ultimately Universal’s sole property so the studio bosses were the ultimate judges and their decisions carried all the weight in the world. 

The really crazy and unexpected thing is that Marvel wants to do a standalone Hulk movie too. For that they will need permission from Universal Studios. So many movies have already been slated to be made. They include: Captain America, 

Doctor Strange, Black Panther and Inhumans all of which will appear in the years to come. With The Hulk being all about a freak of nature gone out of control, the audiences will be looking forward to seeing the fast-paced actions of this enormous being on screen. 


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