Mary Kom Lends Support To PETA Campaign For Elephants

Mary Kom lends support to PETA campaign for elephants

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  • Mary Kom appears in ad
  • Supports animal welfare
  • Demands closure of circuses

Five-time world champion and Olympic bronze-medallist boxer M C Mary Kom has lent her support to the cause of animal welfare

M C Mary Kom, the five-time world champion and Olympic bronze-medallist boxer has decided to stand up for animal rights. She has lent her full support for the welfare of animals where she claims that animals are not meant to be put in chains. She has demanded that all circuses to be shut down where elephants are chained. She appears in the new advertisement which has been shot for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

She has been named by the International Boxing Association as ‘Magnificent Mary’ and this ad appears ahead of the release of a biographical film on her, starring Priyanka Chopra. The caption of the ad reads “Elephants Belong in the Wild, Not in Chains. Ban Animal Circuses”.

Gaurav Sawn, a leading photographer, lent his skills for the shooting of the ad whereas Kom’s hair styling and make-up were done by Rohini Foregard as confirmed by PETA in a statement. Mary says, “Circuses are cruel places for animals where they are beaten and tortured. As a mother, I can imagine what animals go through when their children are taken away from them to forcefully perform in circuses. It’s sad. We, humans, choose to perform but animals are given no choice.”

Though circuses are meant to be places of entertainment for all, they are an animal’s worst nightmare. All circus animals are subjected to chronic confinement, physical abuse and psychological torment where they are treated with whips and other weapons. One of the commonly used weapons for them are ankuses, which are heavy, sharp steel-tipped rods. They are widely used to inflict pain upon the elephants so they could be beaten to submission.

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