Master Prankster Jimmy Kimmel got Owned by Rihanna

Master Prankster Jimmy Kimmel got Owned by Rihanna

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel is known for his wild pranks that have come down on anybody including celebrities, kids (Halloween candy) and people everywhere watching Jimmy Kimmel Live. Now Rihanna took Jimmy Kimmel for an epic ride on April Fools’ Day.

Imagine Rihanna appearing in the middle of the night in your bedroom performing Bitch Better Have My Money and throwing money at you. This is exactly what happened to Jimmy Kimmel.  

His wife  Molly McNearney was in on the joke and let Rihanna and her band inside the Jimmy Kimmel’s house at 1am in the night. Equipped with a huge boombox and flashlights Rihanna and band woke up  Jimmy Kimmel with Bitch Better Have My Money. Rihanna through money on Kimmel and jumped up and down on his bed.

Jimmy Kimmel did not know what is going on for quite a long time. He really was in deep sleep when Rihanna suddenly appear. The host of the Jimmy Kimmel Live deserves to be pranked hard as he is usually the one that has the upper hand. Especially kids around the country will be thankful to Rihanna. Jimmy Kimmel gets parents each year on Halloween to pretend they have eaten the kids’ candy.

See also the very weird phallus shaped smartphone holder April Fools’ joke out of Japan.


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