Megan Fox Will Work Alongside James Franco In Zeroville

Megan Fox Will Work Alongside James Franco In Zeroville

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Megan Fox Will Work Alongside James Franco In Zeroville

Megan Fox will be on the screens again thanks to Zeroville. The actress will assume the role of a lady who is haunted by her past. Since Fox will be a Hollywood starlet, Franco will fall for her. The film is based on a novel that narrates the challenges that had hit Hollywood around 1960s. The Novel was authored by Steve Erickson.

According to Deadline, James will double as the film’s director while at the same time playing the role of a guy who is very passionate with movies.

The guy comes to Hollywood in late 60s to try his luck in film production but gets the rudest shock when he realizes that the industry has come to a halt because people are busy fighting for their liberation.

Things take a different turn when the character is employed as a film editor which causes him to indulge in worldly pleasures such as women, alcohol and rock ‘n’ roll.

The character later on finds himself rubbing shoulders with retired burglars, starlets, actresses and actors and politicians.

The film will be produced by Vince Jolivette of Rabbit Bandini together with Caroline Aragon and Michael Mendelsohn. Other cast members include Seth Rogen, Danny McBride,  Craig Robinson, Will Ferrell, Jacki Weaver and Horatio Sanz. Filming is already in progress in Los Angeles.

Fox is famous for having starred in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles whose sales within US hit the record high at $65.5 million during its premier. The film was highly rated which caused its global sales to hit the $375 million mark.

 Perhaps it’s because Fox has a wide following on social networks. As a matter of fact, the actress has more than 52 million followers on Facebook. How about Twitter? Now do the math and see how great Zeroville will be. 

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