MH370 Expired Locator Beacon Battery leads to Speculation

MH370 Expired Locator Beacon Battery leads to Speculation

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Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, which disappeared without a trace several months ago, had an expired locator beacon battery thus leading to speculation as to the reason why it could not be traced.

Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 took off for its regular flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and then never reached its destination. This was in March 8th and it has been nearly a year yet no signs of the aircraft were found. The signals slowly weakened and soon all contact and communication with ground control were lost.

The search teams have declared it one of the most mysterious and puzzling disappearances since Amelia Earhart’s plane vanished without a trace almost a century ago. Rescue teams are scouring the area off the coast of Australia in search of the plane and its more than 200 passengers the majority of whom were Chinese.

And while the Malaysian prime minister has declared that it was probably an accident and the plane must have crashed into the ocean, the Chinese families who have lost loved ones are not giving in so easily.

They are adamant that the wreckage should be shown as proof and that till the plane is found, they will hold out hope for their relatives. And although these hopes are on thin grounds, such is the faith of the families that through the tears and rage, they are still in eagerly awaiting meeting with their near and dear ones who disappeared along with the flight.

The fact that one of the locator beacon’s batteries was expired pins the blame fairly on Malaysia Airlines’ doorstep. The mass protests of grieving relatives outside the Malaysian Embassy in China is further evidence of the strength of conviction some of them still hold to see their lost relatives one day. 

While the psychological health and financial assets of the pilots were secure, the glitch in the system due to the expired battery /4/be a reason for suspicion. However, the execs at Malaysia Airlines have said that the expired batteries had nothing to do with losing contact with the aircraft.

But the fact is that these locator beacons lend a perspective into what happened aboard the aircraft in a manner similar to a black box or flight recorder. And they keep sending signals out to ground control from wherever the aircraft happens to be in its journey.

In case of Flight MH370, the signals became weaker and weaker until they simply stopped coming in. This was cause for alarm. And after that everything went haywire as the mysterious vanishing act of the airplane left many people in a lot of chagrin and pain. Mothers had sons who were on that flight.

Granddaughters had grandmothers and grandfathers who too were on the flight. It is sad and tragic. And to add injury to insult, Malaysia Airlines has been unable to find a single piece of the aircraft.

Despite extensive search operations the teams which hail from the United States, Australia and China not to mention Malaysia have returned empty handed. Now the sources say that the whole search operation /4/have to be called off.

But the families love their filial next of kin too much to allow this to happen. And so they are protesting in a very vocal way to force the continuation of the search operation. Their faces reflect the sheer agony they are going through.

Mere memories remain of those who were close to them. It is heart-wrenching and catastrophic to see old men and women crying and yelling out for justice to be done. Let us pray that the airplane is found soon and hope that by some miracle of Creation, the passengers might be safe and sound too.  


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