Michael B. Jordan Not Worried About Fantastic Four Race Criticism

Michael B. Jordan Not Worried About Fantastic Four Race Criticism

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  • Michael B. Jordan blasts internet trolls on racist criticizers!

Michael B. Jordan already wrote an open letter to Entertainment Weekly blasting the internet trolls who criticized his casting as Johnny Torch. But now he is not worried about racist criticizers as the Fantastic Four creator Stan Lee is with him.

Michael B. Jordan doesn’t care anymore of people think he isn’t the right choice to play Johnny Torch. According to Jordan, it used to bother him that people would criticize him for not being the blue eyed blonde superhero as described in the comic books.

Jordan explained he understands everyone perspective and cannot ask the audience to move over a perception of a character of over 50 years. However the world in 2015 is more diverse than it was back in 1961 when the first comic came out.   

Moreover Michael B. Jordan got a green light from the creator Stan Lee himself. According to the Mirror, Stan Lee wrote an email to the director of the upcoming Fantastic Four film and told him Jordan was good and he is okay with the casting, which makes all other opinions including Jordan’s irrelevant. 

Jordan then ended the letter with the most epic statement ever as he called the trolls on internet that heavily criticized his casting to get their heads out of the computer. Jordan further advised them to go outside and take a walk while looking at the people walking next to them.

Michael B. Jordan urged the haters to look at who they’re friends are interacting with and to understand they now live in such a diverse world and it is OK to like the present world. 

Previously Miles Teller and Kate Mara spoke out on the casting criticism as they had also been the victims of ‘unwarranted hate’ after the cast for the upcoming film had been announced. Mara recalls she was very surprised how negative the reaction of the people were before even the trailer had come out. 

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