Michigan SUV Crash Leaves 4 Dead, 5 Injured

Michigan SUV crash leaves 4 dead, 5 injured

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A road accident in Michigan earlier today has left four people dead and 5 others injured.

Thousands of people in the U.S. will die each year from accidents on icy roads.

Four people weren’t so lucky today, as an SUV crashed with a pickup truck on Friday morning in Michigan. The SUV carrying six women lost control on the icy road and bumped into an incoming pickup truck.

Four people from the SUV immediately died on the spot.

They were identified as Angelica Magana-Ceja (45), Erika Ceja (35), Teresa Alvarez (35), and Jessica Magana (23). The driver of the SUV, 26-year old Perla Magana, and passenger Leticia Ceja (39), were rushed to the hospital and are in stable condition. Three men in the pickup truck were also treated for minor injuries. They were identified as Ross Sterk (35), Eric Werkema (31), Jose Hernandez (28).

According to Sheriff Dean Roesler, the women in the SUV were traveling to work in Kent County. The men in the truck, who happen to be paint contractors, were also on their way for work. Roesler says that the slippery road might have caused the SUV to skid.

“There are some slippery spots. The scene of the crash is icy but there’s also been a lot of traffic that’s been through that as well that /4/have created some of it,” he told reporters today.

A policeman responded to the scene minutes after the accident. 

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