Microsoft Expands Bing’s Snapshot Feature to Show Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Real Estate Listings

Microsoft Expands Bing's Snapshot Feature to Show Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Real Estate Listings


Microsoft expands its search engine Bing’s Snapshot feature by adding 150 million new informational topics that includes listings of doctors, dentists, lawyers, individual real estate properties and web actives.

Microsoft wants to get progressive with the times. It has already revamped its search engine, Bing and plans on adding at least 150 million more topics of interest to the platform. 

“Today, you’ll see this come to life on in a feature called Snapshot. Snapshot brings together information that you need at a glance, with rich connections to deeper information on the people, places, and things you care about made possible by our deep understanding of the real world. To accomplish this, Bing now tracks billions of entities and perhaps more importantly, the billions of relationships between them, all to get you the right data instantly while you search,” stated Bing.

Satori is the name given to Microsoft’s big thing which lies in store. Among the entities that are entering the SERPs of Bing are everyday info bytes such as the addresses of Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists and Real Estate Agents. 

The topic you choose will have a lot of side information attached to it as a helpful guide. Were you to select Winston Churchill for example, you would not only get pictures and details on his life and times but also audio clips of speeches he made during his tenure. 

Then take the case of an actor such as Tom Cruise. The additional data regarding his career and movies is not the only piece of information that will reach your eyes. 

Rather, the affairs he had with countless other celebrities will also come your way. This of course is a drawback of sorts. But in this information-saturated age, such acts of divulgence are commonplace. 

The use of the Bing search engine will include information from Google. Not only will you be provided with the relevant bits and bytes of data but you will be guided as to how to use it to accomplish what you want. 

In other words, you will be told what to do with raw data. Collating all that massive amount of words and images is a task in itself. But through the valuable and crucial services of Bing a lot can be achieved by any individual with a little bit of gumption. 

The information society is still in its infancy and the century of the mind has yet to reach its apogee. And as for the goal of technological singularity, it is approaching fast.  

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