Mini shows Futuristic Augmented Vision Goggles

Mini shows Futuristic Augmented Vision Goggles

Photo Credits: BMWgroup

The goggles feature the crazy X-Ray View feature which makes portions of the car transparent

We are quite excited for this month’s upcoming Shanghai auto show where Mini has an exciting revelation to make. Nothing as big as a car though but something very useful and handy when it comes to driving. They are going to announce the Mini Augmented Vision concept which includes this exciting new specialized eyewear. This Mini Augmented Vision eyewear is for drivers and is going to help the process by displaying some relevant information right into the driver’s view.

The press release has listed the full functionality of the eyewear which is capable of performing a bunch of tasks. For starters, those who put on this eyewear while driving are going to see the navigation data onto the display along with the speed, the speed limits and the relevant points of interest. In addition to this the eyewear can be connected to a phone and you can get messaging alerts.

The concept of finding the augmented parking is also very convenient. There is a camera on the far-side mirror which is going to project its side of the view to the driver’s view through the goggles and this makes it easier to find a spot. As interesting as this might sound to you, nothing beats the “X-Ray View” concept. This sounds like a gadget straight out from an sci-fi movie or something someone in Star Wars would conveniently use. The goggles can practically turn into an X-Ray machine and makes some solid parts of the car transparent so you can see obstacles, pedestrians, and other vehicles which are being hidden by your car.

The hardware design cannot entirely be credited to Mini because the design of the goggles comes from BMW’s DesignworksUSA design house and the more tech oriented features comes from Qualcomm.


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