Miss America 2015 Contest is a Whole New Ball Game

Miss America 2015 Contest is a Whole New Ball Game

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Miss America 2014, Nina Davuluri, will crown Miss America 2015 on the upcoming Sunday. The Miss America 2015 competition is slated to be a whole new ball game.

The Miss Americacontest is known for beautiful feminine models that compete with each other to win the title which is in the form of a sash with the words Miss America emblazoned on it. 

Miss America 2015 is the 88th Miss America pageant contest that will be held on this Sunday, September 14, at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Miss America 2014 is Nina Davuluri from New York.

Nina will crown the new Miss America 2015 at the end of the event on Sunday night. ABC will broadcast the event live on 8pm ET/ 7pm CT while mobile users can watch live streaming using WatchABC app.

This year’s show will again be hosted by Chris Harrison and Lara Spencer while judges panel include big names of fashion industry like Gary Vaynerchuk, Marc Cherry, Kathy Ireland, Lee Meriwether, Donald Driver, Shawn Johnson, and retired Army Brig. Gen. Anne Macdonald.

The models, who participate in the event, often sneak in junk food into their premises as a precautionary measure against starvation. But generally they stick to a strict and draconian diet that would make the most ripped or shredded bodybuilder yell “Mama”! 

Yet once they have been through the whole experience they emerge with social ties to all the other participants and it is truly like a sisterhood or sorority. 

The love and times shared between them serve as a really genuine bonding experience and they never forget what they went through for the rest of their lives. 

These girls are also going to have the venue of Las Vegas as their area of influence this time. They will serve as an attention grabber since the value of Sin City is down nowadays due to the low gambling turnout. 

A series of news shoes numbering 50 will get designed for each and every one of the participants. The complete list of all the contestants of Miss America 2015 is given below: 

17-year-old Ellie Smith from Nevada

18-year-old Audrey Thames from Maine

18-year-old Savannah Cole from Minnesota

19-year-old Malie Delgado from Alaska

19-year-old Megan Cooley from New Hampshire

19-year-old Meridith Gould from South Dakota

19-year-old Lucy Edwards from Vermont

19-year-old Ashley Gabriel from Virgin Islands

20-year-old Ashton Campbell from Arkansas

20-year-old Stephanie Steuri from Hawaii

20-year-old Sierra Sandison from Idaho

20-year-old Megan Swanson from Nebraska

20-year-old Jessica Burson from New Mexico

20-year-old Beth Stovall from North Carolina

20-year-old Yarelis Salgado from Puerto Rico

20-year-old Karlie Major from Utah

21-year-old Acacia Courtney from Connecticut

21-year-old Victoria Cowen from Florida

21-year-old Maggie Bridges from Georgia

21-year-old Aly Olson from Iowa

21-year-old KT Maviglia from Michigan

21-year-old Cierra Kaler-Jones from New Jersey

21-year-old Jacky Arness from North Dakota

21-year-old Amanda Smith from Pennsylvania

21-year-old Hayley Lewis from Tennessee

21-year-old Courtney Garrett from Virginia

21-year-old Paige Madden from West Virginia

22-year-old Caitlin Brunell from Alabama

22-year-old Jasmine Murray from Mississippi

22-year-old Victoria Valentine from Montana

22-year-old Mackenzie Bart from Ohio

22-year-old Monique Evans from Texas

22-year-old Kailee Dunn from Washington

23-year-old Alexa Rogers from Arizona

23-year-old Stacey Cook from Colorado

23-year-old Teresa Davis from District of Columbia

23-year-old Audra Casterline from Indiana

23-year-old Amanda Sasek from Kansas

23-year-old Ramsey Carpenter from Kentucky

23-year-old Lacey Sanchez from Louisiana

23-year-old Jade Kenny from Maryland

23-year-old Lauren Kuhn from Massachusetts

23-year-old Jessica Hartman from Missouri

23-year-old Kira Kazantsev from New York

23-year-old Rebecca Anderson from Oregon

23-year-old Ivy DePew from Rhode Island

23-year-old Lanie Hudson from South Carolina

24-year-old Marina Inserra from California

24-year-old Brittany Lewis from Delaware

24-year-old Marisa Buchheit from Illinois

24-year-old Alexandra Eppler from Oklahoma

24-year-old Raeanna Johnson from Wisconsin

24-year-old Jessie Allen from Wyoming

These young ladies are genetically gifted but they also keep their environment so free of processed carbs that they achieve that lean and lithe look body-wise. 

The care they take of their skin and physiognomy also shows. There is no sight of a single mole or blemish and the perfect skin and gorgeous gazes they offer are proof of the effort that went into the outer glamour of each one of them. 

Meanwhile, the inner gray matter that matters too is where they often trip up. Each Miss America has to be able to answer in an extempore and ad hoc basis to the questions that she is asked from the judge’s panel. 

And that is a really tricky and crucial test of these otherwise extremely beautiful and drop dead gorgeous wonder women. The Miss America contest will have such famous names as Miss Oregon and Miss Vermont among them. 

Basically the most beautiful women from all 50 states of the United States will get to participate and they will get to strut their stuff before the frenzied crowd. 

A positive 100 watt smile will be on their faces and their eyes will glisten and sparkle with the stars that shine in them. Nothing, not the least bit of mistake could be made at the final moment. 

An extra doughnut could spell the difference between that lean waist and a slightly bloated look. In a way this is rather pathetic since it encourages the whole outlook that engenders eating disorders. 

But then to achieve something worthwhile you have to make sacrifices and go the whole hog as regards discipline. The girls or rather dames that will fill up the auditorium and display their physical and intellectual talents are the very cream of the cream. 

One of them that is really beautiful is Miss Mississippi. She is a Black American with the sweetest features that almost resemble a cross between the Hollywood actress Lupita N’yongo and the acclaimed singer Brandy.  

The show will probably attract much in the way of sponsors and advertisers. The marketing of this competition relies heavily on the element of the finest female attraction. 

These delicate sylphs with the manners of a doe and the light notes of the softest most peaceful music in their voices simply hypnotize and mesmerize with each move they make. 

When their lips part…they tell the secrets of their hearts. No one is better than any other one if you consider the question in an honest manner. But ultimately capitalism is always about competition which is a rabid thing. And so some of them have to be selected from among the 50. 

In the end the one that takes the crown will get a scholarship along with many other benefits. Modeling deals and product endorsements are in the contract too for the winner. Let’s see who wins when Sunday comes around!

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