Miss P wins The Westminster Dog Show

Miss P wins The Westminster Dog Show

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  • Miss P Wins 139th Westminster Dog Show Amid Strong Competition

Miss P is the second Beagle ever to win the show.

Yes it is true. The 139th Westminster Dog Show has been won by a beagle. Miss P has won the Westminster Dog Show amid the strong competition that the beagle faced. However it seems that Miss P has a family history to go with this win. Miss P is the grandniece of Uno who was the first ever beagle to win the dog show and now Miss P is the second in line. After 7 years a beagle has done it again. Miss P a 4 year old, 15 inch beagle competed against 2700 competitors and in the end came out victorious.

Miss P was up against Swagger an Old English sheepdog and two other dogs that were believed to be the likely winners, but even though Swagger was the fan favorite Miss P stole the show. Matisse was one of the fan favorites and is the cousin of Sunny the family dog of U.S President Barrack Obama. Miss P is from Vancouver, British Columbia and her handler Will Alexander stated that Miss P is a princess and enjoys eating liver and sleeping on Alexander’s pillow at night.

As part of the show judges selected the best of each breed and group which were divided into seven different categories which included hound, herding, toy, sporting, non-sporting, terrier and working. The first night that was Monday, Miss P won in the hound group to go to the nest round.

She was accompanied by Swagger, the Old English sheepdog, Flame who won in the non-sporting group and a Shih Tzu named Rocket. Betty-Anne Stenmark was the judge that selected Miss P as the best hound in the hound group and stated that Miss P was so smooth and so cute that she was perfection.

David Merriam a retired judge was the one who selected Miss P as the winner of the competition and shocked the whole crowd. Merriam first walked alongside the seven dogs and stopped at each one to examine them. Then he asked them to trot one after another around the ring. Then he examined them closely one by one, looking at the smaller ones on a table and leaning down to the bigger ones. Finally he gave his decision that changed Miss P’s life.

Even though Miss P has won the show and retrieved the ribbon her duty is not over yet. Miss P has to embark on a media tour that starts from Wednesday that is today. The beagle will be seen on all of the morning talk shows, local television stations across New York and all cable news outlets. Miss P will also be honored with the traditional steak lunch at Sardi’s restaurant. 

Well Miss P has definitely made an impact on everyone and for sure has made beagles a breed to be recognized in the dog world. 

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