Mom of 3’s Post Pregnancy Bikini Pic goes Viral

Mom of 3's Post Pregnancy Bikini Pic goes Viral

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Rachel Hollis posted a pic on The Chic Site official Facebook page in a bikini flaunting her post pregnancy body and earned the support of millions of people.

It has been a movement lately to embrace the body that one has. Cindy Crawford recently posted a picture that wasn’t touched up and created great media ripple. Rachel Hollis has created another ripple similar to Cindy’s.

Rachel Hollis is a mother of three and has her own Facebook page titled ‘The Chic Site’. Rachel documents her life on the page and posts various pictures from her everyday life. 

Rachel had been training to run in a marathon for the past 6 months and she posted a picture of herself after having run 26 miles. She had been away in Cancun with her husband on a business trip.

She bought a bikini that incidentally had her initials and it was orange (the theme color for this month on her site), She told her husband to take 100 pictures of her from which she could choose a picture she would feel she could post on her Facebook page.

Her husband took a photo of her and showed it. She didn’t like it and was laughing as she posed when he took her picture. She saw it and actually liked it. The photograph features Hollis in the orange and blue bikini, wearing shades and pulling the hair out of her face. The picture features her sagging tummy and scarred belly.

I have stretch marks and I wear a bikini. I have a belly that’s permanently flabby from carrying three giant babies and…Posted by The Chic Site on Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hollis was not afraid to show all that. She was proud in fact. She said that the tummy she had was actually the proof that she had carried three healthy babies. She said that she had two babies, one after the other when she put on a lot of weight and suffered from postpartum depression.

She then took a stance to loose as much weight as she could. She had been successful in shedding the weight and the scars were the evidence of what her body had been through during pregnancy. She said that the scars were actually stripes that she had earned and encouraged all women to feel proud of themselves.

The picture has gone viral and has earned millions of views and thousands of comments. Hollis is overwhelmed about the response she had received. She said that her body was almost as near perfect as it could get without plastic surgery and her husband still loved her body so she was glad with what she had.

The comments on the picture contain words of appreciation and courage. Women and men have equally expressed their awe and inspiration given by her. Many have also posted their own pictures. It is a great initiative for the women and men and Hollis has definitely encouraged a million more to embrace what they are instead of chasing after dreams of being perfect.


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