Mom’s Facebook Apology for Daughters’ Rude Behavior goes Viral

Mom’s Facebook Apology for Daughters’ Rude Behavior goes Viral

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A mother apologized recently on Facebook to an unknown victim of her daughters’ rude behavior. She said she was very sorry for her children’s lack of respect and offered anything to compensate for the inadvertent incident that had taken place.

It has gone viral by now on the Internet. A materfamilias’ conscience weighs heavy on her for her children’s obnoxious behavior. Kyesha Smith Wood had just allowed her teen girls to go online on social forums.

As she dropped them off at a theater along with her son, later on her son informed her that her daughters had been very nasty to an elderly lady. When the old lady requested them politely that they simmer down and not talk so loudly, they made fun of her and laughed in cackles.

At this the dejected lady informed them upon leaving that her husband had just been fired and now she would not have enough money to be able to take her own daughter to another show.

When Kyesha Smith Wood the strict mother came to know of her daughters’ dismal manners, she immediately posted a lengthy message on Facebook to the effect that her daughters were being punished and their pocket money was confiscated too.

What do you think of the way this local mom is handling this situation? Looks like these children have great parents.Posted by Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday, March 28, 2015

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office also promoted Woods Facebook apology on its official Facebook page and admired the spirit of mom.

For all who are wondering, the mother with great parenting skills did find the person she was looking for. They have…Posted by Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office on Sunday, March 29, 2015

Within a week’s time, the selfsame mother who had been on the receiving end of the naughty and nasty daughters’ off-putting manner responded. She said that she was glad they were learning their lesson and yet she said that since they were just children she had no ill will against them.

It showed that there were good people in the world too like their mom. She went ahead and spoke of how if her kids did something similar, she hoped someone else would also reprimand them. And there is a silver lining to the whole thing too in that the insulted mother’s husband might just get a job thanks to  the hype created by the event on social online media.  

“I am the mom from the movie theatre,” Rebecca Boyd said in her statement. “I had taken my daughter to see Cinderella. I was very upset and disappointed in the girls behavior. The note from their mom brought me to tears and shows there is still good people in the world. I have no hard feelings towards them and I am proud of their parents. The girls are not not bad…they are children. Glad they are learning a lesson. I hope if my teenagers are out and they act up…I hope someone says something to them.”

THEY FINALLY MEET: A mother reached out on Facebook apologizing to another woman for her daughters’ rude behavior at a movie theater.Find out what happened when they sat down together: by WSB-TV on Tuesday, March 31, 2015


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