NAIAS 2015 to showcase Schaeffler Concept Car that is Up to Par

NAIAS 2015 to showcase Schaeffler Concept Car that is Up to Par


Schaeffler is all set to showcase to showcase a concept car at the North American International Auto Show 2015 (NAIAS 2015) that is up to par with future models.

The big event is to take place in Detroit sometime in January of next year. Schaeffler is slated to introduce its concept car which fits the high standards of the 2025 CAFÉ. CAFÉ is an acronym for “corporate average fuel economy”.

The USA is back to conserving fuel and that is what CAFÉ is all about. The rules and regulations have become quit stringent and what was acceptable yesterday has become impossible to try out today.

As environmentalism and eco-awareness become the order of the day, new trends in science and technology also become extant. This concept car by Schaeffler is part of its Mobility for the Future plan.

With this new car, the company and of course CAFÉ are showing the world what they are capable of accomplishing when they put their heads together. And as we all know, two heads are better than one. The saving up on fuel and the release of fewer and fewer pollutants means that the concept car is the best that leaves the rest behind.  

The model is an ultra-modern four wheel drive, medium standard utility vehicle that has automatic transmission somewhere in its innards. The previous year, Schaeffler showed the prototype and this year it is the real deal that is being showcased.

This second coming shows hybrid science at its peak point. A range of exciting features have been added that make for a complex mix. The vehicle truly rocks! Sometime in the far off future (2025) when CAFÉ will look back, its execs will remember with fondness this vehicle that made the grade.

Besides the 48 volt hybridization there are other features such as a cool start system, a wonderful 4WD clutch, a super hot-cold management system, fine covering and appropriate roughness control.

The car is a hologram of sorts since its complexity and overall integrity dictate perfection taken to the nth degree. And to top it all, it is eco-friendly and driver-safe. What more could one expect from Schaeffler.

The rest of the story will be out soon as the slated event approaches its denouement. Till then, stay in touch. Meanwhile, the other vehicles such as the Formula-E racing car are also going to be displayed before the public. Let’s see how the audience reacts to them since it will already have its hackles up due to the Schaeffler concept car. 

Further details of the Schaeffler concept car will be announced at Schaeffler’s North American International Auto Show 2015 press conference on Monday, Jan. 12 at 7:20 a.m. in the Ambassador Ballroom (room 360) of the Cobo Center in Detroit.

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