Neil Patrick Harris Doubts Hosting Another Oscar

Neil Patrick Harris doubts to Host Another Oscars

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  • Neil Patrick Harris is unsure whether he could host another Oscar

The talented Neil Patrick Harris has hosted many shows and they always turn out to be a huge success. This time around, he isn’t sure whether he could take the responsibility of hosting again.

So, according to polls, a lot of viewers want Neil Patrick Harris to host the Oscars. But, on the other hand, Neil isn’t sure whether he could return as a host. He said that he doesn’t know whether his family or his soul could take it. He was talking to The Huffington Post and he said that it’s a beast of a responsibility.

You have to do your best or people remember your performance at the Oscars forever. James Franco hosted the Oscars and it turned out to be an awful evening for him. Even now, people remember his awful performance hosting the Oscars.

Neil Patrick Harris said that the hosting and the performances require a lot of time. And sometimes he doesn’t get the best response from the audience, and that is very hard to take. He said that it was fun to check off the list, but he doesn’t know if it’s a delightful balance to do every year.

Neil Patrick Harris was also asked about the mysterious dress that everyone was talking about for the past week. Some people saw it as white and gold whereas some saw it as blue and black. Neil said that he was with some friends, Josh and Emma having sushi and they asked him whether he has heard about the dress.

He had no idea what they were talking about. They showed him the picture. He saw it as white and gold. Whereas his friend Josh saw it as a blue and black dress. Neil still sees white and gold and doesn’t believe that the dress looks blue and black.

Then he was asked about the Oscars feedback. He said that he got into the comments section of some posts but didn’t go into detail. He said that people who are watching the Oscars don’t realize how much time, concession and compromise it takes in every single thing.

He said that every joke and even its wording is checked. The placement of the jokes are also checked. Barney also said that they filmed a scene at the end of the How I Met Your Mother show but they ended up not airing it.


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