Neil Patrick Harris lends an Inner View into his OSCARS Preparations

Neil Patrick Harris lends an Inner View into his OSCARS Preparations

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The man who was once the face of Doogie Howser M.D., Neil Patrick Harris, lent an inner view recently into his preparations for the OSCARS. Neil will play the host this year at the slated event.

Neil Patrick Harris, an acclaimed actor and gay rights activist, who got married to a same sex individual recently, gave a preview of the innovative agenda he plans to use in his delivery process as the host of the OSCARS this year.

The 87th Annual Academy Awards are coming up within the next seven days or so. And Neil Patrick Harris ran through some of the difficult things he had to arrange via his personality alone in order to be the perfect host and compere at the OSCARS event. It’s his maiden journey as a regulator of the stress-filled occasion and he is as persnickety as a man who has accidentally lost half his stylish waxed moustache while shaving.

In fact, a video clip of his pre-event efforts and endearing antics got made and it clearly shows him in all his glory as a stormy creative individual who is in conflict with himself. Neil admits that there is always room for improvement and that you can never be perfect since perfection is an unreachable goal which is meant to be striven for.   

He practised his poses with poise and dealt with all the ins and outs of presenting the myriad stars and starlets at the OSCARS. It will indeed be a star-studded night of lights and luminaries. And the burden of composing it all and tying the loose ends together will fall squarely on Neil’s shoulders. But he is prepared alright.

From the delivery lines that introduce each VIP and celebrity down to the innuendos and double entendres and wisecracking jokes, he has it all under wraps. But it took a lot of hard work and backbreaking agony to reach the agony of triumph that Neil hopes will be his at the end of the slated event.

The very fact that each small joke that gets cracked onstage by the host has to be micromanaged so that it doesn’t fall flat on its face is enough to strike fear into Neil’s heart. Yet he has what it takes to take the bull by the horns.

A successful man, Harris has played roles in the erstwhile Gone Girl and HIMYM. He has even penned a book recently which happens to be his memoirs. And the dude has his male counterpart who is his life partner. Harris also pointed out that he had to wade through several previous OSCARS shows in order to get a feel of how it would be like to host the momentous event.

He admitted that he has some difficulty pronouncing certain names yet he will try and get them right this time around. Harris just wants everything to go smooth as silk. He doesn’t plan on any dissing or negativity. And although a peek-behind-the-scenes shows many loose ends and blunders and bloopers, in the final analysis things will hopefully dovetail and work in Harris’ favor.     

Watch below the video in which Neil Patrick Harris lends an inner view into his OSCARS preparations.


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