New Pebble Chromeo Color Smartwatch Leaks

New Pebble Chromeo Color Smartwatch Leaks

The new Pebble Watch with color screen leaks on the Pebble site. It will likely be named Chromeo.

Last week Pebble started a countdown for the release of a new Pebble smartwatch. The official reveal is scheduled for Tuesday. Now an image of the new Pebble watch was discovered on the Pebble site by a reddit user.

The new Pebble Watch with color screen is called Chromeo, if the path of the image is an indicator for the naming. There are also other images in the chromeo folders that are showing the current model. Chromeo is a great name for a new color wristwatch, but might just be a random folder name.

The new Pebble Watch will have a color screen and will be thinner. The display type will still be ePaper. The new Pebble is also said to have a wider screen and that will be brighter than the current one.

Adding a color screen is essential to keep up with other smartwatches including the Apple Watch. Pebble is supposed to keep the long battery life of 7 days even with the new color screen. 

The new Pebble Watch is also supposed to feature a microphone enabling voice control.

The design of the new Pebble Chromeo is very basic. Pebble should really invest more in wrist watch design and not just focus on technology. The new Chromeo, if that is going to be the name, is a bit more square than the current Pebble smartwatches, but it still higher than wide.

Some reddit commenters question if the image is legit. The design is not pleasing and nobody knows how this image surfaced. We tried the usual Google search on spotting hidden images, but could not find it with that trick. Some reddit users are quick to point to conspiracy and believe the image got leaked on purpose to get the conversation going into a completely wrong direction.

The current Pebble Watch sells for $99 and steel model sells for $199. The functionality of the Pebble Watch is focused on notifications and as companion device for apps on iPhones and Android smartphones. The current model features a monochrome epaper display enabling a 7-day batter life.

The new Pebble smartwatch will be released officially on Tuesday, Feb. 24 at 10am ET. 


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