New Smartphone Screens that adjust to Your Vision will eliminate the Need for Glasses

New Smartphone Screens that adjust to Your Vision will eliminate the Need for Glasses

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  • New Smartphone Screen will Adjust According To Your Vision

It’s time to wave goodbye to your spectacles as new smartphone screen will adjust according to your vision.

The research was conducted at the University of California Berkeley and they have managed to develop a technology which will eliminate the need to wear glasses when viewing electronic devices. 20/20 Display Technologies Inc. will soon be producing these screens. 

The company’s CEO is very excited about the technology and he believes that the new smart screens will have a wide application. People who want to look at their phones won’t need glasses. Or people using laptops or desktops while working will also not require glasses. 

David Worley who is the head of Display Technologies, said that over 4 billion people suffer from impaired vision. He also said that a lot of people have problem using their cell phones. David said that this new technology will allow users to view their laptops, desktops and tablets without using addition visual aids. 

Scientific American calls this new technology as a world changing invention in its 2014 edition. The technology has been fully prototyped and tested and the screen adjusts itself for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and other high order vision problems. This technology works with the Novel algorithms. 

This algorithm adjusts the screen’s pixels and they are calibrated to the user’s prescription which will create a clear image on the screen. Corey Park who is the company’s strategy advisor, claims that this new technology is compatible with most of the devices that are currently owned. 

He also said that the company’s main focus is for every person to have 20/20 vision just like any other person. People who suffer from vision problems will soon have an alternative to eyewear which will improve their viewing pleasure. The company is still looking to get investors but this much is clear that any investor will get their penny’s worth from the project.

Find more details about the project at company’s official website.


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