Nicaragua Earthquake Hits the Western Region of Nicaragua

Nicaragua Earthquake Hits the Western Region of Nicaragua

An earthquake hit the western region of Nicaragua. It was followed by an aftershock that affected the inhabitants of the country as well.

It registered 6.1 on the Richter scale. The earthquake that struck Nicaragua on Thursday was responsible for 23 injuries and several residential areas were shaken to their foundations. 

This occurred in the town of Nagarote. The timing of the Nicaragua earthquake was 5:27 pm and the upper region of Lake Managua was the epicenter. About 30 minutes later an aftershock occurred too. 

It had a rating of 5.1 and struck on the southern shore of the lake. Earthquakes feature heavily along the western region of Nicaragua. 

This is due to the meeting point of the tectonic plates beneath the terrain. Besides the earthquakes there are many volcanoes present in the geology of the region. And they have been active since the year 1900. 

The Nicaragua earthquake caused damage and although it injured several human beings thankfully there was no loss of life. There have been several earthquakes in the western coastal region of the two Americas in recent days. 

This tectonic activity shows that there /4/be some shifting of the geological plates beneath the earth’s surface. And the people of the region are scared of the consequences of these warning signs from the planet. 

Earthquakes and other natural disasters occur when mankind’s activities prove detrimental to the earth. The phenomenon of fracking that is often undertaken to yield oil reserves stored in shale often causes earthquakes and tremors in other regions. 



And the pollution that is spread via mankind’s habit of letting loose poisonous solids, liquids and gases into the atmosphere is wreaking havoc with the weather. 

The overall global warming phenomenon is one that if not checked in the nick of time will probably fry us off the face of the planet. Therefore care is of the essence and the planet’s delicate balance must be maintained at all costs.   


Source: CSM

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