Nick Jonas confesses that he has Lost his Virginity

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Nick Jonas confesses that he has Lost his Virginity

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Nick Jonas recently confessed this much that he has lost his virginity. After all, you cannot keep burning from lust for the opposite sex for long without dipping your wick in oil.

Nick Jonas who is an icon and a celeb par excellence admitted to Wendy Williams recently that he is no longer a virgin. He is famous for his song “Jealous” and arrived on Wendy’s show to lay the spiel on the line as far as his brand new image was concerned.

He also discussed among other things his new role on the show Kingdom. Physically he is a fine specimen and his recent sexual conquests gave his self-esteem quite a boost.

The purity rings the rest of his band members wore /4/be intact on their index fingers but the one on Nick Jonas’ index finger has been removed and thrown out the window.

And does he regret his decision to pop his rocks? Not one bit! Sex is a staple of the world we live in and cannot be done without.

He said that while his childhood and early teens /4/have been spent in an innocent and naive state such was not the case now since he had found out what was important to his well-being.

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He currently feels happy with his personal sex life. He recently appeared in Flaunt magazine where he showed off his hot body. His shredded physique consists of 15 extra pounds of lean muscle mass for his role in Kingdom. Nick’s girlfriend is the former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo.

The two are in no hurry to get married though since they just want to enjoy being with each other and go with the flow. But that does not mean he has let go of his past heritage and traditions. Nick still firmly believes in some of the things from his church-going childhood days.

You don’t have to throw the baby out with the bathwater. There is a lot that needs to be salvaged from our religious roots and that is relevant even in today’s times. Nick supposedly made his music video titled Jealous on his girlfriend Olivia.

According to him, he was at a dance party with the former Miss Universe and a guy was looking at her with a little more than inordinate interest. So he got jealous and felt uneasy.This was the experience of male jealousy that Nick transmuted into his famous song. 

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