Nicole Kidman is not having Another Baby.

Nicole Kidman is not having Another Baby.

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  • Nicole Kidman says that she has a very supportive husband.



Nicole Kidman shares her views about her husband’s support in every thick and thin.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban met in 2000 and have been together since. She supported her husband Urban who is 47-year-old at the time when he was fighting alcoholism. Nicole was with her husband and supported her through all the difficult phases of life. Likewise Kidman relies on Urban in difficult times as well.

Recently Kidman’s father died and she went through hard times. She totally relied on Keith to pass this difficult time. Her father Dr. Antony Kidman died at the age of 75-years. His death was unexpected which was a shock for Kidman. She said in an interview that she had lost her father and it broke her apart. She said that it was an incredibly difficult experience but she had managed to pull her up again. 

She said that she had found true solace in her husband and her faith. She said that she spent her most time with her daughters at that time as well. she also revealed that she was happy that she had a strong faith, a great husband and four beautiful kids who help her go through all the difficult things.

She further revealed in an interview few days back that she would love to have a new addition in family. She said on a radio program that she was not pregnant but she was trying and hoped that she would be soon.

Later on in an interview she said that she was blessed to have a wonderful family but she had not thought about another baby. She further explained that becoming a mother was an extraordinary feeling. She added that it would be a blessing to have another kid. Although she also thought that there are rare chances of her having another baby in future.

Kidman is the mother of four children. she has two children with former husband Tom Cruise. She has two daughters with Keith named Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret. Faith was born with the help of a surrogate mother.

Recently Nicole appeared on “Before I GO to Sleep” with Colin Firth. In this recent movie of hers, she played the role of women with amnesia. She had a few sex scenes with on-screen husband Firth too in that movie. When it was asked that how did her real life husband think about those scenes? She replied with a laugh by saying that she did not remember those scenes. she also implied that she might not have acted in her nude scenes in the movie. 

47-year-old Kidman said that she did not want to say anything about those nude scenes. Along with those there was a scene in the start of that movie which showed the couple in a total nude scene. When she was asked about her appearance in that nude scene she laughed and said that she might not have played that scene. She said that this scene showed a younger Nicole.  

Source: E! News , USWeekly

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