Nintendo NX based on Android says Nikkei

Nintendo NX based on Android says Nikkei

Japanese newspaper reports that Nintendo’s new console, the Nintendo NX, will be based on Android.

The next Nintendo console needs to be a success like the Wii was or the console business is over for Nintendo. The Wii U was a wrong turn for the legendary video game company. Today in an article about the Nintendo and DeNA partnership, Japanese newspaper Nikkei (Japanese / paywall) reports that the Nintendo NX console will be Android based.

This would be a first for Nintendo, but the necessary step to survive. The company has already announced to bring Mario and his friends to smartphones and tablets this Fall. By using an operating system that has become a standard as basis, Nintendo will have a much larger platform. Until now Nintendo developed everything themselves Рhardware and software. 

Many companies including Amazon already showed that using Android as basis for an own version is a successful way to go. It will also likely be the case for Nintendo to fork their own version of OS based on Android like Amazon did to be independent of Google.

Via NeoGaf Forum.

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