No worries if you stink. Google’s device /4/keep you stink-free!

No worries if you stink. Google’s device /4/keep you stink-free!


Google won’t let you stink!

Ever had that bizarre feeling when you forget to take the shower in the morning, and end up stinking? Well, seems like Google has found a solution for you. Google is keeping the tradition alive by introducing most innovative products in the market, and this time around, it has nothing to do with any unique gadget or state of the art smartphone handset. Google wants you to smell good, and that’s why Google has received the patent rights of a device that will keep you odor free as long as long as you are wearing it. How they work? That’s a good question.

According to the latest reports, it works just like a normal odor remover. The sensors available in the device monitor your activity as well as the odor around you, and if the odor measuring meter crosses a certain limit, it emits a puff of fragrance. The device /4/include a number of sensors that keep a track of your body smell and release fragrance according to the requirement to remove the smell. You /4/start stinking by performing any stressful activity, gym related activity such as cardio or intense work out and last, if you are sitting in the company of a friend who stinks.

This amazing device by Google does not only keep you odor free but it also helps you avoid those friends whom you really do not feel comfortable with. The device hooks up with your Facebook account, and keeps you updated with your friend’s location further ends up suggesting a different route. 

The patent is defined as, “A portable device comprising: a sensor operable to detect a physical activity of a user; an odor prediction portion in communication with the sensor and configured to generate an indication of predicted user odor based on detected physical activity of the user; a communication portion operable to access one or more social networks via a communication network, wherein the device is capable of communicating with a social network of contacts; and a route suggesting portion operable to provide a suggested route away from a set of defined persons within the social network of contacts responsive to the indication of the predicted user odor.”

Google has yet to release its plan to market this product in near future; however, the news has attracted the attention of a number of folks around the world.


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