Nokia Lumia Icon: An Iconic Lumia Windows Phone by Nokia

Nokia Lumia Icon is Wonderful



The Nokia Lumia Icon is the right size and the right fit for an ordinary citizen of the planet. In fact, it makes for a wonderful smart phone that cannot be beat.

It is the perfect life partner for the digitally-savvy individual who wants to capture life’s moments and stay connected with his loved ones. And at $149.99 the price is just right. While some of the stuff from Nokia such as the “phablet” happens to be too big for comfort, other gadgets are too tiny. 

But the Nokia Lumia Icon makes for the perfect fit. It slips into your hand like it was meant for it. This device contains a cornucopia of features that will dazzle and thrill you. The Gorilla Glass front makes for one tough cookie that won’t crack no matter what happens. And the polycarbonate/metal body is smooth and sensual to touch with your fingers and palm. 

The 2.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon CPU keeps it whirring like there’s no tomorrow. As for the battery life, it extends to almost eight hours. Furthermore, there are modes that allow you to read the text in sunlight or via brightness when it is too dark outside. 

Coming to the camera, it is a cool feature alright but the shutter lag is out of synch with the Zeitgeist. So while the shutterbug is not all it is made out to be, it passes as an image-collator par excellence. 

Featuring Windows 8, the smartphone is tops in matters of speedy and efficient performance not to mention display abilities. It is a luxury brand that shares some of its features with other similar versions. Yet there is something about it which defies definition. 


It has a quality that is unique and superior to the rest. The 5-inch OLED display is skirted by a thin bezel. And although it is slightly heavier than expected the other exciting points make that one flaw seem non-existent. Altogether it is a funky and fresh piece of technology that will serve you for a long time with fidelity and mechanical efficiency.

Verizon branded Nokia Lumia Icon is available with 2 years agreement. Get one now for $149.99 and be the envy of the crowd!

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