Nokia Networks Will Power IoT With 5G Connectivity At MWC 2015

Nokia Networks will Power IoT with 5G Connectivity at MWC 2015

Credit: Nokia Networks

The Finnish company will showcase the possibilities of mobile connectivity with 5G. They will announce that they will be powering Internet of Things (IoT) with 5G technology at the Mobile World Congress.

Nokia is looking to take the things to the next level. They will demonstrate 5G technology at the MWC where they will power Internet of Things. Internet is still not fast enough according to many users but with this new breakthrough, 5G will become a part of our lives very soon. There are some networks that require great internet speeds and they require that there should be minimum lag in the connectivity.

We are talking about the future when cars will be connected to the internet and we will have driverless cars. In those situations our cars will need to make split second decisions and this is where we would require strong internet connected cars. There shouldn’t be any lag in the internet technology. Nokia is looking to empower Internet of Things with the latest internet technology.

Nokia also claims that with this new technology we will have improved security. Nokia will also showcase LTE in which we will see different machines connected to each other. We will also see this technology in wearables and Nokia will show us smart grid connectivity. At the Mobile World Congress 2015, Nokia will demonstrate 5G radio equipment. This equipment will be demonstrated on centimeter and millimeter wave bands for utmost capacity.

We will also get to see a new frame structure which will achieve single digit millisecond latency. This technology will allow immediate, synchronous eye-hand feedback which will enable remote control over robots. People who are going to visit the Mobile World Congress will also get to see LTE optimized for specific sensors and machine networks.

With Internet of Things we will require new security measures and Nokia promises that it will deliver highly secure networks and it is also introducing its new extended Mobile Guard solution. This will bring the latest security controls which will address complex Internet of Things apps. So in the future when we will be using devices, almost all of them will be connected to the internet. With better internet connectivity more people will be connected to each other.

When we will be running Internet of Things, we are going to require a more reliable internet connection. The transmission delay which is also known as latency, must be at a minimum with the new technology. So as there will be more machines and sensors connected to the internet in the future, we will require a very fast and reliable internet connection which could transmit hundreds of billions of bytes within seconds.

Nokia is already providing Internet of Things with radio and core networks which are meeting their requirements of machine-type connectivity. Currently IoT requires powerful capabilities so that they could handle large amounts of signaling and transaction traffic with minimal lag. So the new technology for Internet of Things will bring more efficiency to their system and it will allow for efficient management of machine data.

Security is again one of the core requirements of Internet of Things. If there is to be a safe and reliable connection between devices, then good security measures are required for IoT. Internet of Things has the capability to bring together different networks. This means that they can bring together physical and cloud-based security to make them work together. When both physical and cloud-based security work together, it will bring actionable security intelligence and robustness in real time.

Nokia will be providing them with comprehensive range of security measures. Kathrin Buvac, Vice President Strategy at Nokia Networks was speaking to the media and said that the Internet of Things, a driver for what we call the Programmable World will open a tremendous potential to expand the human possibilities of technology.

The Vice President Strategy also claimed that in the next ten years almost 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet. More devices connected to the internet means more people connected to each other which will make lives better for people. She also said that Nokia is already working with 5G and is trying to make that dream into a reality. 

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