One Of A Kind Toy Discounts On Black Friday

One Of A Kind Toy Discounts On Black Friday

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When it comes to Black Friday, most people only picture the people in front of Best Buy, waiting to fight each other over the latest and greatest in HDTVs. In fact, it is also going to be one of the biggest days of 2014 to pick up some of the hottest toys at the largest discounts.

Lego Sets

People of all ages love Legos, which is why it is so exciting that there will be all of the hottest sets on sale for up to 75% off of the normal retail price. The average rate of discount is expected to be closer to 50%, but that is certainly nothing to scoff at. Be sure to check out online stores on Cyber Monday for even more sets at a discounted price.

“Frozen” Toys

Frozen was the single hottest movie of the past year, taking plenty of Oscars home. That popularity was passed on to the toys made from the movie, which are expected to be on sale for up to 85% off. Stores like Toys R Us are going to be the best bets for these, although you shouldn’t count Target out of the action either. Toys are a sure way of getting customers into the stores for Christmas shopping, and with a movie like Frozen being the source makes them even more appealing. Expect large discounts and equally large variety of products.

Video Games

Video games are time and time again some of the biggest deals on Black Friday. Expect Xbox One and PS4 systems to reach all time lows, with bundles being available from Best Buy and Wal Mart for as low as $350. Games are believed to be discounted up to 60%, excluding the latest titles. Standalone systems are going to be seeing discounts as well, although the best deal will still be the bundles that come with extra controllers and a game. The Nintendo Wii U isn’t expected to see much of a price drop on its own, but as a bundle it will be going for $150 off.

There are sure to be plenty more toys on sale, although these are the highlights that experts are predicting. As always, the hardest to find toys early in the year are usually the ones that have the biggest discounts on Black Friday, in hopes of all those wanting to cash in for great gifts. If you want to take advantage of them this year, be sure to pay attention to the ads that will be out in the coming weeks. Toys are going to be big this year, so don’t miss out.

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