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Oscar de la Renta passes away at 82

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  • His death occurred at a ripe old age.
  • He had earned the epithet “The Sultan of Suave”.
  • He made females the world over look and feel beautiful and gorgeous.

The famous fashion designer Oscar de la Renta passes away at 82 years of age.

At the experienced age of 82, Oscar de la Renta called it quits. We all pray that his friends and family have the patience to bear his loss with fortitude and stoicism. He was responsible for bringing high fashion to its expected denouement. The man was a genius alright. 

Not only did he produce delicate and beautiful ensembles for several first ladies (Jackie Kennedy was one of them), but Oscar even created classic clothes for their children (the daughters of Bush and Clinton come to mind). While Oscar had cancer awhile ago, he had also announced recently that he was free of the disease. What caused his death remains an enigma. 

Oscar himself had a few poignant words to say about the situation as he saw it. He said that while we were all very cognizant of life, we seldom paid any attention to its opposite: death. He said that man pretended like as if he would never die but the fact of the matter was that the bell tolled for every one of us. 

The only lesson that could be learnt from this was that we ought to live each day as if it was our last. And Oscar lived a fully aware and emotionally rich life. He designed dresses for among others: Oprah, Anne Hathaway and George Clooney’s bride. Oscar was a gentleman’s gentleman. His warmth shone out like a bright light from within. 

The universe of fashion has suffered a severe setback by his death. Oscar was born in the Dominican Republic in 1932. His father would never have guessed that his son would become a fashion designer one day. Oscar got his sense of color and chiaroscuro from the island on which he spent his childhood days. 

He experimented with art but the real love of his life was fashion to which he took like a duck to water. He learnt from many people who were his seniors and soon he was footloose. Everyone from Nancy Reagan to Michelle Obama and the Royal Family got their clothes designed from Oscar. Today, when he has left us all we feel his lack in our life like a vacuum. 

Rest in Peace, Oscar! 

Source: CNN

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