Oscar Pistorius gets Five Year Sentence after a Lengthy Trial

Oscar Pistorius gets Five Year Sentence after a Lengthy Trial

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  • Oscar not guilty of murder but nevertheless charged with culpable homicide.
  • Judge Thokozile Masipa delivered the verdict before a rapt courtroom audience.
  • The prosecution was demanding a minimum of ten years in jail for Oscar.


Oscar Pistorius is sent to jail for five years for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

At last the verdict is in on Oscar Pistorius. He will have to stay in solitary confinement for a period of five years. The judge, Masipa, awarded Oscar the five year sentence in Pretoria awhile ago. He was led from the court in handcuffs and will be put behind bars soon. 

While the prosecutors had been hoping for ten years in the lockup, the defense lawyers wanted community service and residential confinement. The judge said that despite the fact that she had been advised by many of her juniors the final decision was one which she had taken on a solo basis. In other words, it was purely her judgment that got delivered in the end. 

The judge furthermore spoke of how handing down a sentence was a very fine-tuned thing. Yet she said that it had nothing to do with perfection or perfectionism. Ultimately, a delicate balance had to be struck between draconian punishments and too much laxity and leniency. 

Judge Masipa said that Oscar’s defense witness had not made the case from a position of strength. The evidence was haphazard. Oscar would be handled with care in the penitentiary due to his disability. She furthermore said that she felt uneasy at seeing the state in which Oscar currently was especially in reference to his handicap. 

Yet she also said that the justice system needed to address crimes of negligence and could not afford to disregard a mistake by a man that cost his girlfriend’s life. When the trial was over Reeva Steenkamp’s father said that he was satisfied with the fact that finally justice had been done. 

Meanwhile, the defense and prosecution both have the right to make an appeal against the verdict in a higher court. Whatever the result /4/have been, it is probable that by displaying good behavior Oscar will have to serve from one third to one sixth of his prison sentence. 

Source: BBC

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