‘Paper Towns’ Official Trailer Released

‘Paper Towns’ Official Trailer Released

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  • The Official Trailer For ‘Paper Towns’ The Third Seth Green Novel Adaptation has been Released!

‘Paper Towns’ displays Nat Wolff as Q and Cara Delevingne as Margo in the latest Seth Green novel adaptation about a girl and boy who live next door and spend an adventure filled night together.

The trailer for the latest Seth Green novel adaptation Paper Towns is out now. Paper Towns is the third novel by Seth Green who wrote the novel of the hugely successful blockbuster film The Fault in Our Stars. The trailer shows Nat Wolff as the main protagonist Quentin or simply called as ‘Q’.

Paper Towns is about how Q’s life changed when his fantasy girl Margo came to live next door. Famous model Cara Delevingne plays the character of Margo. When Q and Margo attend high school they belong to completely different social statuses, with Q the shy and nerdy boy and Margo as the most popular girl.

The main plot of the film revolves around how one day Margo appears on the window of Q and takes him on a night filled with adventure. Margo shares with Q that her popular boyfriend in high school cheated on her and they take revenge on him by spray painting his door and plastic wrapping his car.

The duo spends an unforgettable night together on various errands. The night ends with Q seeing Margo entering her room through her window. The very next day it appears Margo has gone missing.

We hear Q narrating Margo liked mysteries so much she became a mystery herself. But Q soon finds some clues in Margo’s room and recruits the help of his friends to find out the whereabouts of Margo.

Q believes Margo left him clues so he could find her and he will be able to reconnect with the perfect girl of his dreams. The story takes a turn for an adventure when Q along with his friends and Margo’s best friend go on a road trip to find Margo.

The scene then cut to the crew of four visiting a barn and finding various clues in flashes and ends with a clip of Margo and Q standing in the middle of the road.

The entire theme of the film is essentially a coming of age story. The story is less romantic and more about the lives and issues faced by teenagers. The drama centered story does not provide any romance but shows many heartfelt and raw moments about human connection.

Watch below the official trailer of Paper Towns featuring Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne.


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