Parse for IoT unveiled at Facebook F8 Conference

Parse for IoT unveiled at Facebook F8 Conference

Facebook unveiled a new SDK for IoT on the Facebook Parse platform.

The Facebook developer conference F8 is entering its second day today. Facebook has announced already many new initiatives and features including the Messenger Platform and Businesses on Messenger. Facebook also announced support for developers to work with Internet of Things on the Parse platform.

Facebook announce Parse for IoT, which is an official new line of SDKs for connected devices.

The first release is an Arduino SDK targeted for the Arduino Yún, a microcontroller board with built-in WiFi capabilities. The SDK interface is in Wiring. For example, all it takes is a few lines of code to save temperature data from a smart thermostat:

ParseCreateObject create;
create.add(“currentTemperature”, 175.0);

From there, the data will be available in your Parse app ready to be retrieved by a mobile app, another device, or simply logged for analytics purposes. Beyond the Yún, Facebook is already working on SDKs for upcoming platforms such as the Arduino Zero with the WiFi 101 shield.

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Developers could make a smart thermostat that can be controlled via a mobile app, or a security camera that saves images every minute, or even a music device that can be controlled via a web app. 

In addition, Facebook is releasing an Embedded C SDK, targeted for Linux and Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS). These open source SDKs serve as reference implementations that are being used by chipset manufacturers to provide support for their hardware platforms. Via the official Parse Blog.


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