Patricia Arquette demands Equal Wages Rights for Women in Oscars Speech

Patricia Arquette demands Equal Wages Rights for Women in Oscars Speech

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The Oscar winning star took her 2 minutes in spotlight to highlight the women’s right to equal wages and rights.

Last night, the Oscars witnessed some truly phenomenal moments in the Oscars history. One of them was definitely Patricia Arquette winning the Best Supporting actress award. It was a highly anticipated win for Arquette but anything can happen at the Oscars. Last year, where Jennifer Lawrence was picking up the best supporting actress award at almost every award show, she lost the Golden man to Lupita N’yongo and last year after that Jessica Chastain lost to Jennifer Lawrence for the Best Actress despite winning every award of the season.

When last year’s winner for Best Supporting Actor Jared Leto, who is an activist himself, announced Patricia’s name, the actress made her way to the stage. She was embraced by her co-star Ethan Hawke on her way. She received the award from Leto with all her nervous air but got out her reading glasses and she was all business as she took out a piece of paper. 

Patricia put the brief moments of her acceptance speech thanking the people that she had to thank. She then took it to herself to say that women gave birth to every tax payer and citizen of the country. It was high time now that the women should be given equal wages right. It was almost impossible to hear what she said next in the din of applause and praise for her words. She said that it was time now that women should get equal rights and it was time that they demand their rights to be fulfilled. 

Meryl Streep was so pleased that she stood up in admiration and in coalition of what Patricia said. Pointing at Patricia in elation with a big smile on her face chanting ‘Yes’ along with her applause. Jennifer Lopez who was sitting next to Streep looked as excited as she shared agreeing looks with the older star. 

Patricia went back stage to elaborate more on her point. She said that the poverty level in America is the highest in homes with single mothers. It was because women didn’t get equal wages and earned less as they get older. America is the country where equal rights are emphasized but they actually don’t exist. She said that it was time that the colored people and the gay people fight for the women of America for their rights. 

Many people disagreed with these views of hers. Many people have protested that meanwhile her demands were high spirited and noble, the direction with which she had posed them were not. The way she said it made it seem like there were no colored or gay women who were facing the same crisis. It seemed like it was only white women who were suffering from unequal wages and everyone should fight for their right disregarding the rights of all others.


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