Paul Feig Nearly Quit All-Female Ghostbusters

Paul Feig Nearly quit All-Female Ghostbusters

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During a Question & Answer session with Yahoo News, Paul Feig shared his thoughts on the hate backlash on social media regarding his upcoming Ghostbusters remake with an all-female cast!

Haters nearly sabotaged the all-female cast remake of Ghostbusters. During a recent question and answer session with Yahoo at the SXSW Festival, Paul Feig the director of the impending Ghostbusters movie revealed he nearly quit the project after the intense social media backlash.

When Paul Feig announced the cast members of the upcoming film, fans were not happy about the choices and expressed their opinions through hate tweets on twitter and other social media platforms.

The news about the classic cult film Ghostbuster all female cast reboot came out in October 2014, with a 2016 release date and the cast was announced in January 2015. The cast selected by Feig consisted of Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones.

According to Feig, the initial response was so overwhelmingly full of hate and hate that he considered quitting the venture and thought the reboot might be a bad idea. However Feig, the director of comedy hits featuring female leads such as Bridesmaids and The Heat, took a moment to think about the whole situation and decided to move forward with the production of the female-driven Ghostbusters reboot. 

Feig shared his belief that one of the downsides of the Internet is the ability for every person with an opinion and a voice to promote negativity. Feig explained the social media hate scene as if you received about 500 hate tweets and your Twitter account nearly explodes with the backlash and the person probably feels and believes like they are making huge mistake.

But Feig related how he thought only 500 people are not an approximate of the entire fan base or audience as the complete number of movie goers are counted in millions. Therefore Feig realized his final work will speak for itself and he cannot make creative decisions according to the opinions of other people but he does respect them and read about them.

In a major real-life plot twist last week, Sony announced the development of another all male Ghostbusters by the Russo Brothers, with rumors flying it will star Channing Tatum. When Feig was asked about his thoughts on the recent news he simply laughed and stated Who could have known there were so many ghosts present in the world to be busted.

Feig told Yahoo! Movies that he had no idea and was surprised the rumors were true until recently and he thinks the timing is definitely interesting, but his film was definitely targeted with more hate some even downright misogynistic. 


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