Paul Walker Jokes cut from Justin Bieber Roast

Paul Walker Jokes cut from Justin Bieber Roast

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  • Justin Bieber gets Roasted on Comedy Central on his birthday

Justin Bieber shoots a five year long show on Comedy Central on the roast as comedians took their turns insulting him and even let him crack a few jokes but limit came as Ross joked about the late Paul Walker.

It was the bad boy pop stars birthday and this year he took the initiative to clean up his act. So how to prove that you are serious about turning a new leaf?

You allow a bunch of people to insult you on your birthday. Justin went to the Comedy Central studios sitting front and center onstage at the Sony Pictures lot in Culver City, California dressed in a blue suit and the Roast began. 

Other than Kevin Hart hosting the event, Pete Davidson, Shaquille O’Neal, Ludacris, Natasha Leggero, Chris D’Elia, Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, Jeffrey Ross, Hannibal Buress and Ron Burgundy took the roasting responsibilities.

All the stars took it in turns to lash at the 21 years old singer, all for show of course but it might have been hard for the star to sit there and laugh at all the jokes they made. He even got a chance to crack a few jokes himself but kept it to an edge. Regarding the company, it wasn’t the greatest idea to beat competition while the competition had a go at each other as well.

Bieber jibes included “I hate your music more than Bill Cosby hates my comedy.” By Buress; “The Brazilian prostitute he was caught with said he was well-endowed; that prostitute would know, because he was, too.” Was said by Ludacris; D’Elia’s was deep and emotional when he said “You really have it all. Well, except for respect, love, friends, parents and a Grammy.”

Kevin Hart didn’t just stop at Bieber when he said “It’s no secret that Justin wants to be black. He wants to be black so bad he went out and got sickle-cell anemia.” But went on to blast Justin 25 years old manager. Scooter Braun had discovered Bieber online at middle of the night while living in Atlanta. He compared Braun to Chris Hansen as the worst predator being alive. 

It went a step too far when Natasha Leggero and Jeff Ross started passing jokes about the late Fast and the Furious actor, Paul Walker who passed away in November, 2013. It was a bad limit to pass.

Supposedly Ludacris stopped the filming at one point looking furious. It was understandable. Since Ludacris worked with Paul on all the ‘Furious’ movies together, Ludacris was furious that anyone had taken a jab on the passed away actor.

Even Justin commented backstage that the comments about Paul Walker were inappropriate and out of line. Comedy Central also realized and said that there were limits. They do allow people to make veracious jokes but you recognize the limits if they have been crossed. Luckily, they have editing for those kind of things and all the comments and jokes about Paul Walker will be edited. 

Justin meanwhile also received words of wisdom, encouragement and well wishes when the roasters were done with him and D’Elia even hugged the guy. Justin took the time to acknowledge that he had neglected someone he had loved during his dark days.

He wanted to take the time to apologize and make it up to them. Then appeared the German stranded monkey, Mally he had once tried to rescue and left. While the gesture was sweet, an insider speculated that it wasn’t actually Mally but a stunt monkey.


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