Pebble updates bring support for 80 languages and notifications for all Android apps

Pebble updates bring support for 80 languages and notifications for all Android apps

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Pebble continues to release firmware and smartphone application updates to improve their smartwatch experiences. The latest Android update is sure to please Pebble owners.

If you have been thinking to get something with your iPhone or Android smatphone then Pebble appears to be the best smartphone option out there in the market and with the new version 2.8 firmware, Pebbles seem to be getting a lot better now. They have actually never been better as the new firmware brings support for 80 languages as well as Android notification support for all apps. The smartwatch’s expanded language support includes languages from A to Z which is quite interesting and once you look at the list of these languages you will be surprised to find out how many names you haven’t even heard of before.

On the Pebble site there are some different images which show how the different language notifications are going to look on the Pebble. We have all been anxiously waiting for the Android App 2.1 release because we all had been expecting to get rid of the most annoying thing as only some of my apps were able to get notifications on my Pebble. Now that Pebble has opened up the Pebble notifications to all apps, Pebble set the bar for an Android smartwatch.

Kean Wong, VP of Software Engineering says “This new app has been the culmination of months of work by our fantastic Android team to re-build our Android app, focused on notification improvements, increasing stability and performance, and providing a solid platform for the long roadmap of great new features we have planned. Full notifications support, is a significant improvement—one we’ll build on to provide more amazing notification features soon.”

According to what it says on the Pebble site, the Android 2.1 app will be a phased roll-out on the Google Play Store and if you check for an update now, you might get it instantly but in case you don’t you will have to wait a bit longer.

source: getpebble

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