Phil Robertson talks against Atheists

Phil Robertson talks against Atheists

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Duck Dynasty patriarch, Phil Robertson delivered a shocker of a lecture against atheists. He used vulgar examples to demoralize those who don’t believe in a God.

Phil Robertson is once more up to his hyper-moralistic preaching ways! And this time around it was atheists who were the unfortunate beings to serve as the main target practice for Phil. The elderly fire and brimstone warning bearded man employed a very crude and extremely visceral tale to be an example of what happens when you apply relativism in real life.

He was basically out to show that atheism is untenable in the same manner as the quote “There are no atheists in foxholes” served to illustrate the point. Robertson could have depicted the issue in kinder words but he chose to employ graphic sex and violence to show that atheism was a castle built on sand and that atheists were doomed in the end.

Maybe what Phil planned was to show that they would be hoisted by their own petard. He had a funny way of explaining the process though. As his rant continued the sickening thoughts behind it revealed themselves in their ugly truthfulness. 

Phil started off by saying that two criminals entered an atheist’s residence. They killed the atheist. And they raped and shot his two atheist daughters and then sliced off his atheist wife’s head. Then taking a pause Phil said that the two criminals repeated the words these atheists took for granted and said that since there was no God everything was allowed and anything goes.

Then Phil got even more trashier and disgusting and said that next they cut off the dead atheist’s genitalia and said that it didn’t make no difference since everything was allowed and they were just a little sick in the head. But so what! As the public is pretty aware of by now, Phil has a bad habit of using controversial imagery and outdated ideas to criticize and negate those who just happen to have a different world-view from his own.

He has previously compared homoxesuals to animals and even gone ahead and declared that Black Americans were happier before the changes wrought by Martin Luther King Jr. In response to his mean comments, many sectors of secular society responded by saying that there were hardly any atheists who condoned murder, rape, ISIS-style depacitations or genital mutilation. Phil’s knowledge base is deficient and he is probably wrong in his views thanks to a skewed mentality that seems to have gone berserk. 

Listen Phil Robertson’s complete controversial speech below against atheists that he delivered during the Vero Beach Prayer Breakfast on Friday morning in Florida.


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