Picture shows Manufacturing Mold for ‘iPad Pro’ Rear Shell or Dummy Unit

Picture shows Manufacturing Mold for 'iPad Pro' Rear Shell or Dummy Unit

Photo Credits: weibo

  • Slight impression of Apple logo
  • Camera in the corner
  • Dummy units for manufacturers

The relatively simple design of the mold suggests this /4/be an unofficial mold

China’s Weibo microblogging site recently displayed an image which was posted by one of the users and was captioned as ‘iPad Pro’. It isn’t clear as to what exactly is shown in the picture but we can deduce that it appears to be the mould for the outer shell of the Apple tablet which has been rumored to have 12 to 13 inches in display. Since we cannot confirm the authenticity of the picture, we might just stick to the possibility that this could also be the mould for the dummy unit which we saw back in May.

Though the picture quality is quite poor and it is difficult to make out any minute details from out of it but we can still see some details suggesting that there is room for the Apple logo right in the center and in the corner an impression of what appears to be the space for the camera. It is also difficult to determine the originality of the picture since we don’t know what the exact size of this giant iPad is going to be. All we know is that it is certainly going to be larger than the iPad Air.

The extreme simplicity of the mould suggests that this is an unofficial one and could possibly be used only for the dummy units for the manufacturers. Though not always, but most of the times these kinds of units turn out to be closely associated on the information leaking out of Apple’s supply chain.

source: weibo

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