Powerball Jackpot Amount Climbs to $132M

Powerball Jackpot Amount Climbs to $132M



Powerball jackpot amount reaches $132 million for today’s drawing.

Today is the day for the next draw of the Powerball lottery. If anyone will win the jackpot prize, he/she will get $132 million.

This Powerball jackpot had no winner since April 26th. After rolling eight times, the jackpot amount climbed to an estimated $132 million.

The Georgia Lottery Corporation ran the Powerball lottery. The Powerball jackpot winner will have options regarding obtaining the prize money.


The winner can get an all-cash payment which is approximately $78 million or the Powerball authorities will pay the jackpot winner a lump sum amount of $132 million prize money in 30 graduated payments in 29 years.

Powerball lottery proceeds also benefit education in the state of Georgia like other Georgia Lottery games.

Source: WSBTV

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